Useful Tips

The following tips are offered to help you make the most out of your Powrtouch Caravan Mover. They cover fitting, usage and maintenance of your caravan mover, and simple diagnosis of common symptoms that you may experience. If you require any personal assistance then please telephone us on 01283 587900

Motor cables - do not cut to exact length for each motor fit as this will change the cable capacitance and could result in restricted performance of the mover i.e. it may not travel in a straight line. If the cables need to be cut then all cables should be cut to the same length i.e. the length required to reach the farthest away motor(s), Please also bear in mind that it could be that longer cable(s) may be required on your next caravan/trailer.

Disengaging rollers - When the caravan mover's rollers have been engaged, place the socket wrench on the driver's seat of your car, this will definitely remind you to disengage the rollers before driving off.

Never put the handset on the A-frame of the caravan/trailer or rear bumper of the towing vehicle when connecting them. Always put it in a pocket or the boot of the towing vehicle, remember the handset is an expensive item to replace.

Practise using your caravan mover in a wide-open space in order to familiarise yourself and increase confidence for use in tighter circumstances.

If operating the caravan mover over gravel or soft surfaces, the jockey post may 'lead' the caravan in an undesired direction. To prevent this have the jockey wheel 'trailing' i.e. move the caravan backwards into the necessary position. It is also recommended that a pneumatic tyre be fitted to the jockey wheel, which will also help to alleviate the problems of moving on gravel and soft ground.

Consider adjusting your direction manually, whilst still using the forward or reverse speed, by using the handrail on the front of the trailer to counter cambers, uneven and sloping surfaces.

Please be aware that during operation of the caravan mover the control box will become warm, for this reason it is not recommended that it be covered with clothes or similar items, it is also helpful if an air gap can be left around the electronics box.


Before engaging the rollers to the tyres using the Powractuator system always ensure that are no obstructions (stones) etc that may prevent the rollers from travelling the required distance.

In the event of a Powractuator motor failure, it can be removed manually see the relevant section in your Powrtouch Manual or the Powrtouch support section on our website.


The Powrtouch caravan mover requires minimum maintenance, it should be kept clean and tidy and all times, this can be done by washing with water at hose pipe pressure only (please note a pressure washer should never be used). The sliding mechanism that locates the rollers to the tyres should be greased at a minimum of 6 monthly intervals, (see diagram). It should be greased with silicone-based spray grease and highly recommended is motorcycle chain grease.

Greasing Your Evolution Mover

Greasing Your Mover (Classic & model 1,2,3,4,6 & 7)

Fault Finding

Check the Powrtouch caravan mover system using the Fault Finding Checks Section or as Listed in Index Section of your user handbook.

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