Jeff Peel
Good afternoon Brian Thank you for the second set of stickers . You certainly have gone far beyond your duty in helping me with my request, for this I will be eternally grateful. My son has already made inquiries about fitting one of your movers to his Swift van, this being has a result of your helpfulness. I will now take part in the survey. Thank you once again Regards. Jeff
John and Mary Whiteley
Dear Sir I would like to express my sincere thanks to Andy, Brian and Elliott in your technical support department for their help and advice in sorting an ongoing problem with my Powrtouch Evolution t/a Automatic Mover. I would also like to thank your local engineer Doug for his prompt and speedy response in carrying out the necessary repairs. Gentlemen, your conduct has been exemplary and you are all a great credit to your company. Many thanks John and Mary Whiteley Wrexham North Wales
David Witham
Hi just to say thanks to the sales dept rang 8th September for a bung for my auto motor mover arrived 10th September what service I wish all company's were as good as yours this is the second time I've delt with you both times brilliant service Regards David Witham
shaun long
Just like to say what fantastic service in sorting my mover out. Your engineer was very polite and helpful. A very happy customer shaun long
Sam Chappell
You have already been very helpful in solving my Powrtouch Evolution mover problem. Having spent almost a week trying to solve the problem of the inactive mover, your technical person talked me through it again yesterday and he identified the problem - the wrong type of isolator key. I collected our caravan from the dealer on a couple of weeks ago and after going through the quite stressful business of moving all our belongings into our new caravan we somehow came away without a mover isolator key. Rather than going back some 30 mile to collect one I sent for two isolator keys from Amazon. As soon as I told your technician what I had done he knew what the problem was. I realise now after he explained to me that the Powrtouch isolator key is of course different than ordinary isolator keys and goes deeper into the switch to turn the power on. I am hoping he has put a replacement key in the post for me. Well done Powertouch. Sam Chappell
John Hubery
Dear Andy Thank you very much for dealing with my misadventures so quickly and efficiently. Your technician/fitter who came to our home to do the work was also extremely efficient and very friendly as well. Much appreciated John Hubery
John White
Many thanks Andy and Phil. I realise that you have a huge workload at this time of the year but having spoken to Andy last Thursday, the replacement parts were delivered the following day! What fantastic service! I have fitted the parts and have operated the system with the rollers off the wheels and it works perfectly. Many thanks again. Kind regards, John White
Mike Salter
We recently had a problem with our mover and Doug (from Liverpool) came to the site we were staying on to carry out the repair. I wanted to say thank you to him as he had to return to his home in Liverpool to collect the right spare part – exceptional customer service. Kind regards Mike Salter
Paul Bishop
Hi Would just like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your excellent service in delivering remote control to my home address so that I could then manoeuvre my caravan onto my drive, wonderful service keep up the good work Paul Bishop
Mike Nevitt
Just a note of thanks. One of the Quattro motors on my 2018 caravan failed. I contacted you yesterday at 8.30am, Doug from Liverpool arrived at 7.30 this morning and fitted a new one. Problem fixed in less than 24 hours. Your no quibble 5 year guarantee does “what it says on the tin”. No jumping through hoops, no paperwork galore, no making it difficult to sort the problem out. PowerTouch simply asked me to carry out some simple checks with them over the phone and an engineer was booked. Very pleased with the service. Regards Mike Nevitt
Shaun Long
Hi would like to express why gratitude to Andy in the technical department for the assistance in working out the problem with my mover. Fantastic service a very happy customer
Peter Johnstone
Hi I have just had my caravan mover fixed. By your engineer from Kinross Scotland. He was very professional and did a great job I would recommend your mover and services to anyone A satisfied customer Peter Johnstone.
David Papper
Fao Carole. Hi, thank you very much for the prompt delivery , this is excellent service very much appreciated. Kind regards David Papper
Tim & Sally Holder
Fao Brian , Thanks for your help this morning Brian and guiding a techi dinosaur through the ropes . It transpired the battery was " shot " . That was replaced and the mover now works . We thought you were first class on the phone and it was really helpful to have someone with patience and knowledge steer us in the right direction . In future we shall remove the activation key . It was an expensive mistake ! Thanks . Tim & Sally Holder
Robert Hardwick
Dear Andy The electronics unit arrived today (thank you) and has been fitted. Installation was straightforward with only mild cursing required[1]. Once fitted, the mover worked perfectly. Again thank you for such a prompt and efficient response. [1] Cursing caused by working in such an awkward position - no problems with the kit.
Robert Hardwick
Dear Andy Just to follow up on our phone call. Thank you very much for such a prompt response. It's good to know that you take customer support so seriously.
David Elwell
Dear Andy Thank you again for your excellent assistance RF my powertouch issue And advice on fault rectification which I was able to do at the motorway services I have completed the survey in all areas as excellent Thank you again Regards David Elwell
Peter Simpson
FAO Elliot I’d like to express my thanks to yourself and John, for the thorough and prompt response to our motormover issues. On this basis, I would certainly purchase another Powrtouch mover if/when needed & recommend them to our caravaning friends. Peter
Liz Miller
Good afternoon Carole. It arrived this morning. Great service many thanks again. Take a pay rise. Liz
Stephen Jones
Dear sir. I would very much like to thank Liz in your order department, for her help and willingness in trying to really provide me with an urgent item in my hour of need. I wish other companies could be as efficient!! The movers arrived today as promised, hopefully get them fitted and away. Regards Stephen Jones
Gordon Pickin.
Hi can whoever reads this can they pass on my thanks and gratitude to Andy from the tech dept. He solved the problem and gave brilliant instruction to me on the fitting of the bolt on my motormover. The job was done within minutes when I returned home. Thank you Andy for sorting out the long standing problem. From Mr. Gordon Pickin.
R Lee (Bob)
Dear sirs Just a quick note to say thank you to Eliot in your customer service department for his kindness and politeness in helping me out today to fix the fault on my mover I am on holiday and would have been in real trouble when I get back home Once Again thank you for your very professional help Kindest Regards R Lee (Bob)
Andy Baker-Saxby
Hi, I would like to thank Patrick for helping diagnose the problem on my evolution AWD,the electrics arrived today and 2 hours later all working perfectly, So nice to talk to someone that can actually take the time to go through things and knows what they're talking about. Once again many thanks. Kind regards Andy Baker-Saxby.
Neil Footit
Good morning Just wanted to say thank you to the customer support team - Andy - for providing excellent service when my evolution motor mover failed 4 years into its warranty. A great response, off of support, urgency and promise fulfilled - what more could I have asked for. I still have the old unit if you want to arrange collection Thank you Neil
John Millington
Thank you very much for all your help and excellent service. Engineer came as arranged and replaced one of the units. Thank you Brian once again Regards John Millington
Simon Carpenter
Hi Andy It has arrived thank you and it works perfectly, better than ever! Thank you for the amazing service. Kind regards Simon
Tom Willis
Tom Willis‎ to Powrtouch UK Just spoke to an amazing advisor at your company, Brian, who put us at ease and was very professional and sorted our problem with a failed unit. He also sorted putting us into your system that the caravan dealer failed to do so many thanks to you all. Stay safe everyone.
Roger Roberts
For the attention of The Technical Manager A note to thank your team for the excellent service provided recently, especially given the problems of Covid. Have had Pwertouch movers on many vans over the years and, although this is the first time I've had a problem, I have seen your engineers on site and heard from other caravaners about the excellent support your company provides. Initially spoke with Elliott on the Thursday when my mover failed on arrival at site. His patience was reassuring as he took me through the troubleshooting. It was decided that an Engineer visit was necessary and I was promised a call to meet me at the site I was moving to the following week. On these sites I was able to manage without the mover but it would be absolutely essential for me to get back into storage. A call from Dan, a visit on Tuesday evening and all was sorted within 3 working days. Cannot express strongly enough the positive experience I received. The competence, professionalism and friendliness of all was much appreciated. Do feel free to use my comments if it's appropriate. Best regards Roger Roberts
Jeffrey Hedley
Hi Andy, I can’t thank you enough, we are going away Friday afternoon and Cheryl who is our main driver these days will be delighted if it’s fully functioning before this as she wasn’t a caravanner before last year and doesn’t like positioning without the mover. I’ll be sure to update the customer survey with some glowing comments once I’ve got it sorted, Kindest regards and best wishes, Jeff. (Addition 30/04/21) The parcel arrived safely today and I’m pleased to say the ECB has been fitted and working without any problems. The level of service you have provided has been exceptional and we just wanted to say a big thank you, our trip tomorrow will be so much less stressful knowing the mover is working but more specifically when we return the van to storage where the parking is quite tight. Kindest regards, I will update the survey accordingly Jeff
Craig Henderson
Hi Andy I just have to put pen to paper (Sorry a little old fashioned) to say a big thank you for the swift service I have just received from your company. It started on Friday when we tried to turn our caravan around on our drive in preparation for a trip on Sunday. Motor mover only worked on side then stopped, I tried in vain but no luck so at 4.50pm we called your phone number not expecting an answer however a very helpful gentleman swiftly analysed battery issue or powertouch unit failure we agree at this time of day I would charge the battery go on holiday and ring Monday if still a problem. Monday morning a call to you office as still no power. Once given my postcode to the operator was up to speed with all that went on three days earlier and requested the status of the battery, once I highlighted still the same a new replacement unit was in the post which I have fitted today and it worked right away. Fantastic, swift and professional service. I will not be purchasing any other motor mover other than your on any new caravan I purchase I wish your company all the best for the future in these hard time, please feel free to use me to promote your company. Much appreciated for your hard work Craig Henderson
Bryan Kessie
Thanks to the helpful person that was manning the helpline on Saturday. Diagnosed the fault and suggested looking at the motor connections - sure enough one was loose and a simple fix will hopefully set us up for touring the rest of the year. Regards Bryan Kessie
Joanne Allan
Dear Carole, I just wanted to email and thank you very much for sorting out the delivery of the new motor mover for our caravan and arranging for it's fitting. Your service was very efficient and I am most grateful to your company. My husband and I were very pleased and impressed with the fitter, Alan Berry's care and attention and his work in getting the motor mover fitted for us as promised. We would certainly recommend both of your services. Regards, Joanne Allan
Mark Brimicombe
I write to thank you for the impressive service that I have received in regard to the malfunctioning of our Evolution motor mover. Please convey our thanks to Phil and to Martin Edgington for replacing my ECB within 3 days. Phil answered my message on the answerphone. His clear instructions enabled us to diagnose the fault. His manner was confident and reassuring, conveyed through outstanding communication skills. The replacement part was efficiently sent to the engineer. Martin attended to my problem with efficiency. He phoned me the same day and arranged an appointment at the caravan site where we were staying. He arrived on time, was very friendly and replaced the ECB. Thank you to both Phil and Martin for their excellent work; they have brought credit not only on themselves but on the company. Yours is an outstanding service - thank you Kind regards Mark Brimicombe
Dave Llewellyn
Hi Elliott Thank you for the new ECB. It arrived this morning and has sorted the problem. I can't get over the quality of the service! Many thanks, Dave Llewellyn
Ian and Janice Williamson
Hello Phil We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent customer service we received following our email advising of a fault on our mover. The man you sent out (Doug) was an excellent ambassador for your company and we cannot praise him too highly. He fitted us in before our planned holiday and he kept us informed at every stage of the process. We are happy for you to forward this email to anyone who may wish to know how pleased we are with your customer service. Kind regards Ian and Janice Williamson
Peter Poulter
Hi Carole, Andy has just called and we’ve sorted it. Can I offer my most sincere thanks for your efforts and patience. Truly excellent service. Kind regards, Peter Poulter
Suzanne Stock
Extremly thankful for the service we received when our motor mover failed, we had moved the caravan to allow access for work on our rear garden but when we tried to move it back on completion it didn't work. Caravan was left with no way of hitching the car to move it and much too heavy to push. We rang up and the helpful man talked us through a few things but came to the conclusion the box needed to be replaced. Unfortunately due to Covid engineer not able to visit until after the current lockdown, so he told us what was needed to be done and asked how did we feel about replacing it ourselves if he sent one out, seemed straight forward so agreed. The very next day the box arrived and was easily replaced by ourselves and now thankfully the caravan is back where it should be and can now be taken for it's service on the 3rd of December which we would've had to cancel.
Tom & Mandy Mitchell
Dear Sir, We are writing to compliment Andy in your technical support section. Recently when we came to go away one of the evolution movers on the caravan failed to engage and we could not move it. We read the documentation and then phoned support as we couldn't do what was in the documentation. Andy was superb. With his aid I was able to remove the cover and get the mover to engage. We then could go away on our short holiday after lockdown. This makes it sound simple it was not. I am severely brain injured. I have to be escorted outside my home and I have limited ability to undertake even simple tasks. Removing the cover was not easy, even with the aid of a rubber mallet. Andy guided me, was patient and understanding, and reassured me throughout the process, which took some time. The service provided was excellent. We can certainly say that we would recommend you movers and company to anybody considering one. When we change our caravan we will ensure we have them fitted again. Thank you Tom & Mandy Mitchell
Ian Benton
Hi I would like to thank Mr Brian Haddon in your Technical/ customer service. For his outstanding customer service in relation to issues with my caravans motor mover. Excellent work Brian Thanks Ian Benton
Jeannie & Stuart Hoddinott
Morning Can I just say how impressed I am with your customer service, superb thank you. I sent my handset off, it arrived with you, then fully repaired, returned and works perfectly. Patrick kept me in the loop and phoned to explained what had been done to repair the handset. It was then returned, next day complete with instructions on how to remap the handset and controllers. Thanks again, fantastic service! Regards Stuart
Graham Keeley
5 star Google review. I had a Powrtouch Evolution Automatic Motor Mover fitted to my new Lunar Venus 460/2. Unfortunately, after only 4 uses the unit failed. I contacted the Technical Support at Powrtouch where I spoke with Andy King. I discussed the problem with him and it was agreed that the control box was at fault. This all happened during the lockdown period caused by Covid-19 and to save time he would send me a replacement box which I could fit myself; he was very patient in explaining all that I would need to do. I'm pleased to say that I managed to fit the box OK and all is running fine. Subsequently I have had occasion to speak again with Mr King on the subject of probable incorrect fitting by the dealer, he was very helpful and that matter is now in hand. I would like to thank Mr King and the company for the sort of customer service that I wish was more prevalent in larger national companies.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and efficient responces to my request for assistance regarding my powrtouchs failure to work. Mechanical and elecrical devices are, and will allways be susceptible to breakdown, and in these circumstances it is rewarding to have a reliable company to who takes a pride in its product and puts a strong emphasis on customer service. My wife and I could not believe how fast and how efficient the company dealt with our problem. MANY THANKS TREVOR AND ANNE MERCER
Tony Skeen
At a time when people are so quick to complain I just want to give a shout out to Powertouch for their 1st class service in sorting out my motor mover under their no quibble warranty! Emailed responses within 20 mins(3 mins on one occasion!) and phone calls from their engineer when he said he would! From first email enquiring how to go about sorting the issue to having an engineer out and the problem sorted has only taken 2 weeks, and that included the engineer coming up from South of Leeds twice as he could do the repair satisfactorily the first time! Top quality service and only wish more companies were like this!
Anthony Maddy
Had some issues with the AWD Powrtouch motor movers on the caravan we just bought, I dealt with Rob and Andy, both very knowledgeable and very helpful guys, nothing was to much trouble for them, I had to get some replacement parts, these all arrived swiftly and when fitted the problem was resolved. If and when I need to upgrade the movers I have I would definitely go for Powrtouch movers in the future. Thanks for all the help. Anthony Maddy
Alistair Cartwright
I was told by the mechanic who serviced my van that Powertouch had an excellent customer service - WOW! Within days of sending my email, Andy called me to get a better understanding of my problem and advised an engineer would be in touch. A couple of days later Trevor Thorpe contacted me and arranged to meet me at the van on Sunday 31st May, a week after my original email! Trevor identified the fault and replaced the main unit. He then serviced the drives and then took time to explain how the motor mover worked in detail, something nobody has done before and this is my second unit. Trevor was bang on time, extremely courteous and efficient and recognised social distancing requirements. I was very impressed from start to finish! regards, Alistair Cartwright
Allison Manders
Hello Phil. I would like to let you know Rob Earl, technical services manager, has been supporting me with issues regarding my motor mover. He went above and beyond what I expected in trying to help me. He was professional, courteous and a pleasure to speak with. He had endless patience talking to me on the phone regarding the motor mover. I contacted Powrtouch today and he replied within 10 minutes. He is a credit to your company and I could not have been happier with his response. Please record this. Kind regards Allison Manders
Thomas Claridge
thank you so much. i emailed yesterday, just wanted to thank you for getting back to us so quickly, we spoke with one of your engineers what a really helpful kind man, helped us out so much. an asset to your company. thank you so much Thomas Claridge.
Shaun Moorcroft
Boots arrived today. Thanks for excellent service. Kind regards, Shaun Moorcroft
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We phoned today 27th December as one of our movers were not engaging. Lovely man talked us through sorting the problem. Thank you very much.
What a FANTASTIC Company. My initial contact was with a man called Brian. He did the 'above and beyond' to help me out. I was all most at the point of having to cancel my holiday when Brian found me a Knight in shining armor, called Richard. Richard travelled for over 2 hours to get to me. Richard calmed me down and fixed the problem. What fantastic service. I highly recommend them both. . 5 stars with lots of ++++++ THANKS SO MUCH FOR SAVING MY HOLIDAY.
Tony Packer
Thanks for your visit to replace the motor on our 2yr old mover.I like the no quibble 5yr guarantee you give with your movers.A big thankyou to Trevor one of your engineers for coming out on Sunday morning and doing a wonderful job, he is a very helpful and pleasant chap.
Philip Morris
I needed a new cover for one of my motor movers on my caravan as one of the attaching spigots had broken in the process of removing it. I spoke to Mark and Andy at Powrtouch and explained the situation. Mark was extremely good at providing me with technical assistance and Andy was extremely generous in providing me with replacement covers without charge. Overall I was very impressed with the service. 10/10 guys. Well done. Phil
Paul Evans
Posted by Paul Evans service provided to Mike Evans, excellent Team lead by Alex Thompson and Simon Field Engineer of Powrtouch Customer Support, very prompt response jointly solved the problems very quickly.
Alan Pickett
Excellent service with good communications. I found the technical help and support extremely useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Powrtouch. Thank for your help.
Mack Norton
First time caravan owner with new Bailey Unicorn iv twin axle Pamploma.Had fitted the powrtouch mover, what a great piece of kit. Used it for the first time to manoeuvre the van in between two other vans in barn storage. Absolutely simple to use. Could play with it all day. Great aftersales service as well from powrtouch who I contacted with a question. Quick response with the answer to my query. Brilliant throughout, highly recommended product and after sales.
Penny Stocks
Alex showed great initiative solving our problem with the motor mover and Richard came back from holiday to replace the mover. Brilliant
Martin Waite
The technical team, and in particular Alex Thomson, were absolutely brilliant in their help and advise for replacing an actuator which was faulty and replaced under waranty with no fuss or delay. Wonderful service and would recommend them wholeheartedly ! Well done !
John Ashworth
Roll pin shear first time out on mover. Mobile engineer sent to check out system and repair. Excellent professional service sorted out by Alex.
Gav Colley
Fantastic after sales service. Really helpful! Thanks
Ian Sutton
Excellent service, my unit fail just out of warranty they helped out when found unit had failed completely, and an arrangement was reached with cost of replacement part, cant but be happy with outcome
Sel Bos
We had an issue whilst on a campsite in North Devon over 100 miles from home. Whilst our motor mover had worked perfectly when we were getting the caravan off the drive and onto the campsite pitch it wasn't working when we needed to move it. We called and spoke to Mark at PowrTouch and he took us through all the possible issues and managed to remotely guide us on how to put the issue right (it was a faulty connection on one of the motors.) This was a huge help as we wouldn't have been able to put the van back on the drive at home without the motor mover. Excellent customer service and support
Alan Swain
Spoke with Alex. Very professional and helpful. Identified problem with simple diagnostics and replacement unit was shipped to me next day. Great service, Thanks
Pete Edwards
Unfortunately had a problem with one of the four motors on my AWD motor mover. checked it myself and came to the conclusion that the problem was with the motor assembly itself. Called powrtouch and spoke to Alex Thomson who was very helpful. We agreed that as I could remove the motor myself he would arrange to have my motor collected, this was done with no problems. within a few days he contacted me to say that he had tested the motor and believed that it had developed a fault, he arranged to ship a new one out which I have fitted and solved the problem. Thanks to Alex for your support, help and efficiency to resolve the fault
jim angus
Had a problem with my Motor Mover. The bar connecting one side to the other sheared off. The mover was only fitted back in March, so contacted Powrtouch. Their customer support agent Alex was very helpful. After sending details of fault, motor serial numbers and a couple of pictures showing damage. Alex arranged for their local engineer to contact us to make an appointment to come and fix it. The engineer , Trevor, arrived when he said he would, carried out repair and checked everything was working. All work carried out under warranty. Great service, excellent company. Thanks
Chris McGowan
Great movers and Alex provided great support.
brian rusby
Had a problem with how a new Powrtouch Evolution had been wired by the dealer & phoned Powrtouch tech support and was put through to Alex Thomson. Alex was extremely helpful & knowledgeable about the product, gave me the exact advice I needed and ensured the parts required were sent out that day.......good old fashioned customer support as it should be! Top Guy! Excellent, 5 stars!
John Tappenden
Went to move caravan for holiday to Devon movers not working, phoned Powrtouch customer service who ran me through a procedure but still no good. They took my phone number and said an engineer would phone us, later engineer Trevor phoned and said he would be out early next day so we agreed. Phone rang later Trevor said he was on his way to us tested and fitted new part great job and excellent service and a big thank you to Trevor for going the extra mile. Many Thanks J Tappenden
George Haynes
Received prompt and very helpful response to a query regarding a spare part for my 10 year old motor mover. They had the required part in stock and will be shipping it carriage free.
Frank Stead
Over the weekend I was readying my caravan for a forthcoming trip. I needed to move it so that I could connect my car and check the lights etc. When I tried to use the powrmover nothing happened. I checked the manual and discovered what the flashing lights on the unit meant. On Monday morning I rang Powrtouch and explained my problem. I was led through a check list and then left to do a couple of other checks. I rang back and left a message stating I suspected the PCB was faulty. My call was then returned and I was told a service engineer had a spare part and could be contacting me shortly. The engineer rang me and told me he would arrive in ten minutes. He duly arrived and set to work. He agreed with my diagnosis fitted a new PCB, ran and checked the unit. From first to last contact I was treated with politeness and understanding by everyone. When I said I was preparing for a trip this coming weekend they went out of their way to ensure I had a working product. My heartfelt thank to all especially Alex Thompson my telephone contact and the service engineer who did a very quick efficient job. Frank S
Andy May
The staff took a lot of time and trouble to help identify and then supply the part I needed for the Powrtouch electric motor. Very friendly and efficient service - many thanks.
Steve Lowe
Morning Alex, Just wanted to say thanks for you help. Had the upgrade from Evolution Twin to Evolution AWD fitted yesterday by your engineer Trevor from Dudley. I can't praise him enough, he was extremely courteous, made a tremendously neat job, he communicated well when arranging the fitting and I met him at the storage site at exactly the time arranged. Top marks, 100 out of 100. Thanks again. Regards, Steve Lowe.
Chris Curling
Manufacturer of quality caravan motor movers. Excellent customer service.
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