Replacing The Hex Shaft – Pin Type

A guide to replacing the pin type hexshaft.

Replacing the pin type hexshaft. Models 1/2/3/4/5/6/7                             










Remove Motor Assembly From Lower Carriage

1) A) Remove the 2 x M8 Nyloc Lock Nuts (13mm Hex)
B) then the shoulder bolts using and M5 Hex Key.











2) Carefully lift the top half from the lower carriage then slide sideways to remove the cam from the push rod. Then remove the return spring.

Remove The Old Hex Shaft

3) Knock out the old pin using a 4.5mm pin punch. Slide the cam along the hex shaft.

4) Slide the old hex shaft out of the lower carriage

Install The New Hex Shaft

5) Slide the new hex shaft through the lower carriage, ensuring the cam and nylon washers are in the correct position. Line up the holes in the cam & hex shaft. Place the pin through the hole in the cam.

6) Tap the replacement pin through the hole, fixing the cam in position

Re-attach Motor Assembly To Lower Carriage

7) Carefully lower the top half of the Powrtouch over the lower half and re-connect the cam assembly. Replace the return spring.

8) A) Replace the 2 x shoulder bolts,
B) then the M8 Nyloc Nuts. Tighten to 10nm