Manual Release Of Rollers – Evolution

A guide to releasing the Evolution rollers (Auto)

Manual engagement/disengagement of rollers (Evolution Auto)

In the unlikely event of the rollers not retracting off the wheels (Possible Battery Fault).The rollers can be retracted manually from the tyres using a manual removal T-Bar tool.

1) Make sure the Red Isolation Key is removed & handbrake applied.

2) Remove the grey cover by gently moving both front and rear to release the clips and pull as shown. (please refer to separate guideline for correct method of removing/fitting the covers)

3) Remove the end bung (shown in the picture below) to locate manual release mechanism.

4)  Insert the manual removal tool (T Bar) and turn 14 times anti-clockwise until the unit is fully disengaged. If in doubt contact a Powrtouch Engineer. Replace end bung & side cover (see separate guideline)