Identifying your mover model.

How to identify your Powrtouch serial number & which model Powrtouch you have

On the circular end plate of the motor you will find your Powrtouch serial number either on a sticker or a number etched into the metalwork.

Original Powrtouch Models

The first digit indicates the model number (see below), the second series of digits are a sequential number unique to your Powrtouch and enables us to tell the age of the mover.

Powrtouch Single Axle (Model 1) PWRT/1/XXXXX
Powrtouch Euro Mover (Model 2) PWRT/2/XXXXX
Powrtouch Heavy Duty Mover (Model 3) PWRT/3/XXXXXX
Powrtouch Standard Twin Axle (Model 4) PWRT/4/XXXXXX
Powrtouch Australian Mover (Model 5) PWRT/5/XXXXXX
Powrtouch All Wheel Drive (Model 6) PWRT/6/XXXXXX
Powrcompact Single Axle (Model 7) PWRT/7/XXXXXX

Powrtouch Evolution Models

On the Powrtouch Evolution your serial number will start EVA (automatic engagement) or EVM (manual engagement). The digits following this are sequential numbers unique to your Powrtouch and enables us to tell the age of the Powrtouch.
Your full serial number will also have an extra Letter (not shown on the sticker) to indicate whether your Powrtouch is Single (S), Twin (T) or All Wheel Drive (A)

Powrtouch Evolution Auto Single EVA/S/XXXXX
Powrtouch Evolution Manual Single EVM/S/XXXXX
Powrtouch Evolution Auto Twin EVA/T/XXXXX
Powrtouch Evolution Manual Twin EVM/T/XXXXX
Powrtouch Evolution Auto All Wheel Drive EVA/A/XXXXX
Powrtouch Evolution Manual All Wheel Drive EVM/A/XXXXX

Powrtouch Freedom

Powrtouch Freedom    FRM*****

Powrtouch Classic

Powrtouch Classic   CL/XXXXX

How to identify your Powrtouch electronics serial number

On the top of your electronics box you should find a sticker that will tell you the electronics serial number.

Blue Electronics Box (FMCD/CDFM Number) – FM 868 Mhz (showing handset type in top left of picture)

FM Specification Electronics FMC/XXXXXXX.XX or FMCD/XXXXXXX.XXD

Black Electronics Box (T or E Serial Number) – AM 433 Mhz (showing handset type in top left of picture)


Serial number can be in either/both location (s)

T Specification Electronics T/XXX/XXXX
E Specification Electronics E/XXXXXXXXXX