Changing An Actuator Motor – Evolution

A guide to changing the Evolution actuator motor.

Evolution Actuator Motor

1) Remove the existing actuator wiring from the electronics base unit (refer to the mover fitting instructions)

2) Remove the inner & outer M10 actuator mounting screws (pictured below) by unscrewing anti-clockwise with a 17mm spanner.

3) A) Remove the 2 x yellow indicator screws by turning anti-clockwise with a 14mm spanner,
B) then remove the 2 x shoulder bolts.

4) Lift the motor gearbox assembly out of the lower carriage. Then turn the motor gearbox assembly upside down.

5) Snip the cable tie holding the rubber protection gator in position.

6) Unscrew the actuator nut housing by turning anti-clockwise and remove

7) Unscrew the 4 screws (pictured below) that holds the actuator motor in position by turning anti-clockwise with a 3mm hex key.

8) Remove the actuator motor from the main mover casting by pulling as indicated below.

9) Insert the new actuator into the main mover casting & locate the rubber grommet into the slot. Be careful not to trap or damage the actuator wires.

10) Re-tighten the 4 screws to hold the actuator motor in place. N.B It is advisable to use a general purpose threadlock on all screws when assembling.

11) Replace the rubber gator & re-attach the actuator nut housing by turning clockwise. Then cable tie the rubber gator to the inside edge of the actuator nut housing.

12) Lower the motor gearbox assembly back onto the lower carriage.

13) Insert the 2 shoulder bolts through the mover and attach the yellow indicator screws to the other side by turning clockwise with a 14mm spanner.

14) Replace the 2 x M10 actuator mounting screws by turning clockwise with a 17mm spanner.

15) Reconnect the actuator wiring to the caravan (refer to the mover fitting instructions)