Changing a motor – Model 7

A guide to changing a motor on the model 7

Firstly remove the half unit from the caravan (please refer to the Powrtouch fitting instructions)

Remove The Roller

1) Remove the 3 x M6 screws (10mm hexagon head)

2) Remove the roller end cap

3) A) Remove 2 x M6 screws (10mm hexagon head) from the secondary gearbox                                                                                                                     B) then remove the cover

4) Remove the gear located on the inner end of the roller by firstly unscrewing the counter sunk screw using a 3mm Allen key (as shown)

5) Remove the roller drive gear and keyway

6) Remove the roller

7) Remove the idler gear (see photo from point 3)

Remove Motor Assembly From Lower Carriage

8) A) Remove the 2 x M8 Nyloc Lock Nuts (13mm Hex)
B) then the shoulder bolts using an M5 Hex Key.

9) Carefully lift the top half from lower carriage then slide sideways to remove Cam from the push rod, then remove the return spring.

Separating The Top Section / Replacing The Motor

10) A) Remove the 2 x M6 Nyloc Lock Nuts and countersunk screws (one either side)
B) then remove the side cover.

11) You will now be able to remove the old motor and replace it with the new motor. Remove motor gear off the old motor by removing the allen key screw and refit to new motor.

Re-Assemble The Top Section

12) A) Replace the side cover and replace the two bolts. Tighten Lock Nuts to 7nm & countersunk screws (one either side).
B) Re-grease (using general purpose grease) the side plates and lower carriage connecting surfaces.

Re-Attach Motor Assembly To Lower Carriage

13) Carefully lower the top half of the mover over the lower half and re-connect the cam assembly. Replace the return spring.

14) A) Replace the 2 x shoulder bolts,
B) then the M8 Nyloc Nuts. Tighten to 10nm.

Replace the Roller

15) A) Replace the idler gear, the roller & roller drive gear with keyway.
B) Tighten the counter sunk screw using a 3mm Allen key

16) Re-grease the gears (using general purpose grease)

17) Replace the secondary gearbox cover, tightening the 2 x M6 screws (10mmm hexagon head).