Roller Gap Adjustment

A guide to checking and adjusting the roller gaps (All Models)

Roller Gap checking and adjustment. (All Models)

Recommended Roller/Tyre gaps:
Powrtouch Evolution/Freedom Movers – 19mm
Powrtouch Models 1/2/3/7/Classic – 20mm
Powrtouch Models 4/5/6 – 15mm

1) Fully disengage the rollers from the tyres.
2) Place the measuring block between the tyre and roller to confirm that gap that you have and do the same for the other roller(s).

3) Should you need to adjust the gap, locate the clamp plates underneath your caravan.
4) Loosen the grub screws if fitted (fitted to all Evolution models & Powrtouch models 4/5/6).
5) Loosen the stop block and U-Bolts.
6) You can now adjust the gaps by moving the Powrtouch along the chassis to get the desired distance.

7) Place the measuring block back between the roller and tyre to re-check the gap.
8) With the measuring block in place, re-tighten the U-Bolts and the stop block (to torque setting 35 ft lbs), ensuring the stop block is flush up against the clamp plate.
9) Re-tighten the grub screws if fitted.
10) Remove the measuring block.