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Powrtouch - FAQs

Q - How much is a Powrtouch?
A - That depends on the model you need. Which make and model of caravan do you have?

Q - How long will it take to have the caravan mover delivered?
A - Approximately two to three weeks, although if you need the caravan mover unit sooner we would do our best to get the unit to you by the time you need it.

Q - Where do I need to take the caravan to have the unit fitted?
A - Our national network of Powrtouch Trained and Approved Engineers allows us to install our caravan movers onto your caravan no matter where your caravan is located. Note.You must however provide a safe working environment i.e. we cannot fit on the street! and you may need to seek land-owners permissions/approvals if fitting is being carried out on a storage site or similar!

Q - What degree of slope will the Powrtouch move a caravan up?
A1 - The Original Powrtouch Classic Mover will push a 1,500kgs Caravan or Trailer up a 1 in 4 (25%) slope.
A2 - The new Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Mover will push any weight of caravan (even the very largest twin axle) up a 1 in 4 (25%) slope

Q - How much does the Powrtouch weigh?
A - Our Movers start from approximately 35Kg 

Q - What sort of battery do I need?
A1 - We recommend minimum 85AH leisure battery for the Original Powrtouch Classic Mover.
A2 - We recommend a minimum 100AH leisure battery for the new Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Movers.

Q - What kind of guarantee do you give?
A - We give a 'No Quibble' FULL FIVE year parts and labour guarantee if the caravan mover is purchased directly from and fitted by Powrtouch, or if purchased from and fitted by a Powrtouch Approved  Dealership. We are able to offer a five year parts ONLY guarantee if you decide to fit the unit yourself.

Q - Will the caravan mover cope with different types of terrain?
A - All caravan movers will cope with the majority of terrains with no problems

Q - How do I receive my caravan mover?
A - We call you and let you know the day it will be dispatched by us, it is sent by over night carrier and should arrive with you the following day

Q - When will the caravan mover be fitted after delivery?
A - The fitter should contact you within a day or two of you receiving your caravan mover unit. He will make a mutually convenient appointment for the fitting of your unit

Q - What does the Powrbar do?
A - If you haven't access to one side of the caravan to engage one roller, the Powrbar will engage and disengage both rollers from one side of the caravan at the same time

Q - How secure is the Powrtouch when it is fitted?
A - The Powrtouch Unit is clamped to the chassis of the caravan; the motor cables are fed to the electronics which is housed inside the caravan.

Q - How easy is it to move on to the next caravan I purchase?
A - A Powrtouch unit takes approximately 3 hours to fit and units can be easily moved from one caravan to another. Although you cannot move a single axle Powrtouch to a twin axle caravan and vice-versa, some makes of caravans may also have different chassis types so additional plates may be required.

Q - Do the rollers from the Powrtouch cause additional wear to the caravan tyres?
A - If the caravan mover is correctly fitted then the action of the rollers driving the tyres will have no detrimental effect on them.

Q - Is the Powrtouch unit weather proofed?
A - Yes, it will withstand typical weather and road conditions. Although we do recommend basic maintenance every 3 - 6 months. We are so confident we guarantee the Powrtouch for 5 years!

Q - Can I still use a wheel clamp?
A - Yes, but it depends on what model and type of wheel clamp. The roller stands about 20mm away from centre line of the tyre. You can use the Milenco 'Rise and Clamp' wheel clamp, SAS, Bulldog QD, 'SUPACLAMP' and the Pyramid Chock Wheel Clamp, if you know of other wheel clamps that also work with a Powrtouch please let us know.

Q - Who do I make cheques payable to?
A - Please contact Powrtouch regarding payment by cheque.

Q - What method of payment to you accept?
A - We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Switch and Solo. Unfortunately we do not accept Diners and Amex.

Q - What if the cost of a Powrtouch caravan mover is a little out of my price range?
A - We do have an easy payment option, please ask for details

Q - The Powrtouch caravan mover is just what I am looking for but what I have special needs or requirements?
A - We can assess your requirements and provide you with a product to suit your special needs

Q - How safe is the Powrtouch?
A - The Powrtouch system has a soft start to limit additional stress on your caravan and provide you with more manoeuvrability. The electronics automatically switch off after a short time, placing less strain on you caravan electrics and providing additional security. The handset has a special built in safety device, making to difficult to switch on accidentally also an emergency stop button (FM Electronics Control Systems Only). An umbilical cord is also provided, so if your handset battery runs out, on site, you can still manoeuvre you caravan with the Powrtouch.(FMCD Only)

Q - What happens if I have a fault or a problem with the Powrtouch?
A - We have a technical department who are willing to help no matter what your situation. Before consulting a Powrtouch Engineer always read the fault finding section of your handbook and carry out and testing required prior to contact us. Our no-quibble 5-year guarantee assures you help is at hand.