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A short history


In 1990 Powrwheel Limited was a high tech aerospace engineering company manufacturing 'build to print' parts but also had a product range in Aircraft Handling Equipment. With and idea to increase the product range, commercial scope and customer base of the company, the first caravan mover, the Powrwheel was launched during the Caravan Show at the NEC Birmingham in February 1991. Due to the success of the Powrwheel it encouraged the company to look further into trailer and caravan mover systems thus placing it where it is today as the UK's unrivalled number one supplier of caravan movers.

POWRTOUCH - The Whole Success Story

In early 1990 when Powrwheel Limited was an aerospace engineering company based in Dorset a member of our electrical design team who was also an ardent caravanner had a "wonderful" idea to design and manufacture a motorised jockey wheel. The idea was to increase the product range of the company whose products at that time were strictly in aircraft handling equipment. After extensive design and testing the product eventually came to fruition and Powrwheel was launched during the Caravan Show at the NEC Birmingham in February 1991. Following on from the unparalleled success of the Powrwheel the company moved forward with the release in 2000 of the Powrhitch that provided more moving options to caravans and trailers. The new system could provide a greater range of voltage and torque options it also had the capability to carry its own leisure battery becoming a self contained unit. Due to the success of the Powrwheel and Powrhitch, Powrwheel Limited were encouraged to look further into trailer and caravan mover systems and with the design of the Original Powrtouch caravan mover that was first sold in January 2001. The combination of the range of caravan mover systems placed Powrwheel Limited as the UK's number one manufacturer and supplier of caravan mover systems a proud position that it still maintains.

In 2011 after 20 years based in Dorset the decision was taken by the Parent Company of Powrwheel Limited to move the company to its brand new factory site in South Derbyshire. Completely separate office suites, manufacturing and assembly areas were created in the factory allowing Powrwheel Limited complete autonomy from the parent company and the move was finally completed in September 2011.

This moved allowed Powrwheel Limited to further strengthen is hold as the UK's Number ONE Caravan Mover Manufacturer and Supplier with launch in late 2012 of its new and revolutionary design of caravan mover the Powrtouch Evolution taking Caravan Movers to a new level.

The Powrtouch Evolution has and is continuing to receive excellent reviews from the Caravan Press, Caravan Dealers and Customers alike, indeed the vast majority of Caravan Dealers see Powrtouch Caravan Movers as their caravan mover of first choice and Powrtouch users will always recommended it to friends and family and any other caravan owners they meet.

Powrtouch have continually out-sold all other caravan mover suppliers in recent years as more and more customers realise the value for money and peace of mind our products provide.

POWRTOUCH - Unrivalled design and manufacturing expertise

Working to ISO 9001 engineering standards, our fully skilled and trained workforce boasts over 30 years manufacturing experience, of which 20 years includes the design, manufacture and supply of a variety of caravan movers. Comprehensive quality auditing of products in our factory means we can offer you the finest quality systems at the most competitive prices available.

POWRTOUCH EVOLUTION - Designed and Built in Great Britain

Powrtouch are extremely proud to say that the new Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Mover was totally designed by engineers in the UK. Also that all final build, assembly and quality testing of the mover is undertaken in the UK.